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Cornerstone for ALS Researchers

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Steve Pelech, Kinexus Bioinformatics Corp, completed a long time goal with funding help from NDR. Steve developed a suite of 230 rabbit polyclonal, affinity-purified phosphosite-specific antibodies for neurobiology targets that will be available to all ALS researchers. NDR funded the project for development of 150 antibodies that were added to the 72 existing Kinexus antibodies. See the list on the Available Reagents page, we're sure you will be as thrilled as we are with the success of this project.

Antibodies List
Download XLSX • 419KB

Publication ready immunoblot figures are available. URL links to the figures will be provided and interested parties can view the Western blots of mouse tissues and human cancer cell lines for reference purposes. Dr. Pelech is working with the optimized, 112 phosphosite antibody microarray to complete biomarker discovery projects funded by NDR. The microarray is available on the Kinexus web site for all ALS researchers.

Kinexus provides these fundamental tools enabling investigation of common pathologies in all ALS. Just as certain ALS-associated mutations may compromise the functionality of many proteins, Kinexus defined nearly 60 protein kinases and their target substrate proteins that have been directly and indirectly implicated in ALS. It is possible these proteins form a core network of interacting proteins that malfunction and drive ALS pathology. The Kinexus antibodies, along with the microarray provide researchers the ability to interrogate gene expression, states of covalent modification, phosphorylation and ubiquitination that are the most common mechanisms for post-translational regulation. These antibodies may provide a cornerstone and foundation for ALS discovery.

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