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NDR funds novel work in ALS research

Dr. Chandler Walker and his team at the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Comprehensive Care at Indiana University School of Dentistry reported that bisperoxovanadium promotes motor neuron survival and neuromuscular innervation in ALS mouse and cell models in the journal Molecular Brain, micro report.

What is important about this work is that results show the mechanism of action of the protective effects of the therapy. The study is the first to demonstrate the therapeutic effects of these compounds.

While there is more work to do in mouse models, laying the scientific foundation of a primary mechanism of action through inhibition of phosphatase activity (PTEN) and subsequent upregulation of downstream (PI3K/Akt) signaling opens the door to new research. Compounds that target these pathways could eventually lead to new treatments.

NDR is pleased to be a part of this important work by funding basic research in ALS and we thank the Walker team for the acknowledgment.

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