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TVALA Drug Trial

We are happy to announce the first patients are being screened for entry into the clinical trial for our drug TVALA! This Phase 1 study will wrap up in a few months and the Phase 2 will start, it will be conducted at North Western University. We expect to validate some ALS clinical disease markers identified by Dr. Robert Naviaux’s project from patient data in these studies.

Also newsworthy is the novel work NDR funded at Hesperos Inc. The project to investigate the effects of TVALA in SOD1 and TDP43 mutations in diseased motoneurons in the bipartite NMJ system is complete.  Also investigations to determine the effects of drug in SOD1 and TDP43 mutations in diseased skeletal muscle and evaluating the effects of TVALA on quintipartite neuromuscular junction functionality is wrapping up.  We hope to publish these data and use it to facilitate getting an Orphan Drug Designation for IND 164767.   

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