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Welcome Dr. Anthony Akkari

We welcome Dr. Anthony Akkari, newest member to our scientific discussion group at NDR. He wears three professional hats. Dr. Akkari is a professor at Murdoch University (Perth, Australia), he heads the Motor Neurone Diseases Genetics and Therapeutics Research at Perone Institute and is the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Black Swan Pharmaceuticals. He has a personal connection with ALS and brings his skills as a pharmacogeneticist and neuromuscular geneticist to our group.

The elevator pitch he will give you is that he and his associates focus on co-development of genetic markers and antisense therapeutics for clinical trials. His experience and interest in nasal derived neuron like cells in drug discovery are a mutual interest with some of the NDR scientists.

NDR is unique because we are approaching ALS from all angles by bringing researchers together under one virtual roof for discussion and discovery. Our intent is fostering collaborations to create novel ideas and funding in this space.

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