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About Neurodegenerative Disease Research, Inc.

Funded research that directly benefits ALS patients


Neurodegenerative Disease Research, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was formed with a mission to fund researchers with an emphasis to identify and validate biomarkers for determining drug effectiveness in neurodegenerative diseases and facilitate pathology-based treatments to ALS patients.  NDR supports open access to all findings via peer-reviewed publications.

NDR has funded projects to date include the following:


+ Identifying markers for stressed tissue from adipose-derived stem cells

+ Investigating immune checkpoint cell signaling, in vitro analysis of perivascular stem cell repair of cell damage

+ Evaluating cytokine responses of treated peripheral blood mononuclear cells

+ Studies using SOD1 mouse models of ALS

+ Evaluating the components of conditioned media from various sources

+ Development of secretome as an ALS treatment

+ Modification of therapeutic molecules to increase effectiveness and decrease toxicity in ALS patients

+ Use of DNA and RNA analyses that define ALS phenotypes and metabolomic studies including metabolomics and miRNA studies

+ Bringing the novel retro-inverso thymopentin, a neuroinflammatory modulator, into clinical trials


For Researchers

NDR works with researchers who demonstrate out-of-the-box approaches to identifying ALS biomarkers, ALS disease progression, and treatments that target the cause of ALS.

NDR understands that these novel approaches to research offer the most promise to developing treatments that directly improve patient quality of life.

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For ALS Patients

NDR has funding research that identifies biomarkers, the key indicators of where a patient falls within the ALS spectrum as well as research into identifying the stages of disease progression.


Understanding this information is key to treating the root causes of ALS.

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