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NDR awards $1.54 M drug development contract to WuXi App Tec

We are happy to announce a contract for new drug development was awarded to WuXi App Tec. WuXi is a global company that shares our mission. Their open access platform of manufacturing services advances discoveries and delivers groundbreaking treatments to patients. Their vision is “every drug can be made and every disease can be treated”. WuXi has over 20 years experience in synthetic chemistry services. What makes our visions converge is that along with small molecule drug R&D and manufacturing capabilities, they move quickly. Our shared goal is that our new molecule will be a drug ready for safety testing in ALS patients by the end of 2022. The unfortunate climate of the global pandemic of 2019-2021 didn’t slow them down and we anticipate our project to move quickly. Welcome WuXi to NDR’s team!

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