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Sayuri Miyamoto to present a poster at the Paris Redox 2022 World Conference

NDR is pleased to congratulate Dr. Sayuri Miyamoto and her co-workers Adriano Chaves-Filho, Rosangela Santos, Rodrigo Lima, Larissa Diniz, Isabella Pinto, Lucas Dantas, Marisa Medeiros, Isaias Gelezer, and Marcos Yoshinaga. They will present a poster titled "Plasma oxylipins reflect inflammation and hypermetabolism in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis" at the upcoming Paris Redox 2022 World Conference.

The Miyamoto lab is interested in the hypermetabolic state and oxidative stress associated with inflammation and resulting neurodegeneration in ALS. They investigated the nature and role of 126 major oxylipins by mass spectrometry in the plasma of asymptomatic and symptomatic stages of disease in a SOD1-G93A rat model. They concluded that the study provides a comprehensive overview of oxylipins involved in ALS disease progression suggesting potential targets for treatment of ALS and/or hypermetabolism.

They found from 56 identified oxylipins, some species were significantly altered. Remarkably, oxylipin changes observed in SOD1-G93A at 120 days comprised increases suggesting inflammatory process and oxidative stress. On the other hand, they found levels of 9(10)-DiHOME and 12(13)-DiHOME decreased with age, these changes were more dramatic in ALS. This finding is interesting because DiHOMEs are generated through sequential oxidation of linoleic acid by CYP450 and epoxide hydrolases and were previously reported to promote fatty acid uptake and beta-oxidation.

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