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How NDR Can Help

NDR's commitment to revolutionizing ALS treatments goes beyond funding. We're breaking down barriers to promote the open exchange of research.


Research Funding

NDR works with researchers who demonstrate out-of-the-box approaches to identifying ALS biomarkers, ALS disease progression, and treatments that target the cause of ALS.

NDR understands that these novel approaches to research offer the most promise to developing treatments that directly improve patient quality of life.

Another cornerstone to the NDR platform is the open exchange of ideas and information and promoting an understanding of the basic biology of the disease process.


We believe that the open exchange of information across disciplines is the shortest route to ending ALS. 

NDR has created an open forum for researchers to share their findings, bypassing bureaucratic red tape.

This approach has already yielded results. By promoting transparency and facilitating open lines of communication between researchers and institutions, NDR is helping move the needle in ALS research.

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Pipetting Samples

Resource Support

In addition to funding research and facilitating the open exchange of findings and information, NDR has also partnered with various labs and institutions to further support our researchers.

Our directories of biorepositories and reagents have been made freely available to ALS researchers, regardless of whether they have partnered with NDR.

We believe extending this information is vital in adhering to our core principles of openness and transparency.

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