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Student Grant Awarded to Rodrigo Santiago Lima

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Neurodegenerative Disease Research is happy to announce the first recipient of the Funding Innovations in Neurodegenerative Diseases (FIND) program.

The $10,000 Student Grant for one year was awarded to Rodrigo Santiago Lima. Rodrigo is a masters student at the University of San Paulo, Brazil. He studies dysregulated lipid metabolism in ALS rodent models.

The dynamics and pathways of oxidized lipid species formation in ALS disease development and progression is lacking.

Rodrigo will investigate oxidized lipid species in ALS with a focus on reactive species that have been identified in the Miyamoto Laboratory. Additionally, he will quantitatively map lipids from the blood and spinal cord of ALS SOD1G93A rodent models at pre-symptomatic and symptomatic stages.

Rodrigo will present or publish his findings at the end of 2022.

Welcome to ALS research, Rodrigo!

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